Self Serve Surveys

Ideal for small and medium organisations, and as pulse surveys for large organisations, with flexible surveys to measure employee experience, wellbeing, D&I and more. Quick and easy to set up.

Self Serve setup

1. Select your organisation size

Select if you are a small, medium, big or very big organisation based on your number of employees.

2. Set up your Survey

Select when you`d like your survey to start end and how many employees you have.

3. Purchase your Self Serve Survey

Pay on credit card or generate an invoice to purchase your package and be able to send your survey out.

4. You`re ready to go!

Your survey will go live on the date you’ve set, at which point it can be sent to and be taken by your employees. Once it closes, you’ll get access to your interactive dashboard where you can see your survey results.

Keep your finger on the pulse

Perfect for small and medium organisations, and as pulse surveys for large organisations, our self serve surveys are designed with ease, speed and flexibility in mind, without compromising on data, insight and support.

Set up your survey in less than 10 minutes and get results instantly through our intuitive dashboards.

Engagement Survey

Our employee experience survey measures the key components which influence employee experience. From this we then deliver easy to use, practical insights to all levels of management and, if you wish, for your employees too.

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Wellbeing Survey

Our Wellbeing Survey allows organisations to assess the mental, physical and financial well-being of their employees. It’s a challenge for managers to keep track of the well-being of their team for numerous reasons, made more difficult by remote working. Employees don’t always feel comfortable opening up to colleagues and/or managers and in many cases, will not appear to be outwardly struggling.

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The process will only take no more than 10 minutes and you will need your company card or relevant details to generate an invoice.

If you have any questions about the dashboards or reporting please contact

If you have any questions about the dashboards, reporting or if you'd like support with upgrading your account please contact

Survey Dashboard and Reporting

When your survey closes you'll get access to your own interactive dashboard to explore the data and deep dive into how specific groups feel. You'll receive an engagement score, your scores in the six key areas, a word cloud, NPS score and much more!

You can easily filter all of your results by different demographic groups. If you'd like enhanced data and reporting including predictive analytics on D&I, Wellbeing and Flight Risk and action plans and resources delivered through our IAS™ software then you can upgrade your account to include slice and dice.

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